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About This Business

Moving to a new home can be overwhelming and can even make you feel like your headed to “a whole new world” but working with Aladdin Transfer Premier Moving & Storage can make all your “wishes” for a organized, stress free move come true. You are in great hands with our highly trained relocation specialists. You’ll never worry about delays due to the use of outdated vehicles (including  the use of “magic carpets” as they do not meet our safety guidelines.) We do have a full line of reliable, spacious trucks that are equipped with all the materials needed to ensure your belongings are secure during transit to your new “wondrous place” 

You won’t need any wishes from a magic lamp to take the stress out of your move. Aladdin Transfer Premier Moving&Storage has the experience, dependability and courage to  lead the way through what may feel like a whole new world! No task too big, to far, or to small! We are a one stop shop for all your moving and storage need. Providing multiple different services tailored to your needs to get you in your new home.

  • 363 Sutton pl Santa Rosa, Santa Rosa, CA 95407